Walgreens: $5/$20 coupon–TODAY ONLY!



Go here to download your $5/$20 coupon to use at Walgreens TODAY ONLY (Thursday, July 31, 2008).

There are quite a few good rebate deals this month so you might consider using it on those to make them a nice money-maker after the rebate and this coupon. Or, if you use baby formula, you can combine this coupon with the formula checks to get a sweet deal (formula checks do not count as traditional manufacturer’s coupons so your purchase doesn’t have to be a full $20 after coupons).

Thanks, Michelle!

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  1. says

    I found a really great unadvertised deal at Walgreens today. The Walgreens brand of contact lens solution is on sale for 8.99 for two boxes (2 – 12 oz. bottles per box). So I grabbed 2 more boxes plus a couple other items to make a $20 purchase, used the $5 off coupon for today, and got a six month supply of contact lens solution for only $14! I have no idea if this sale is going on at other Walgreens stores, but it’s worth checking out!

  2. Marsha says

    I used the coupon when I bought August free-after-rebate deals: 2 bottles of BioInfusion shampoo/conditioner, Pert Plus (used a $2 MC), Jane Mineral Sheer Powder, and a 3-way lightbulb. I spent $17.17 including tax and will get back $25.03 on my Walgreens giftcard. So they paid me almost $8 to take stuff we’ll certainly use.

  3. Brooke says

    Does anyone know if you are allowed to use Register Rewards after this coupon? I know they are getting picky about what they let you do, but I have $15 in RR and this would be a great time to use them!

  4. Lora says

    I did notice that the coupon states $20 after any coupons reductions, so would this need to be used before you give any coupons?

  5. PurpleHeather says

    Wheee! Just got back. Used the $5 off in combination with my stash of Olay Body Wash coupons that expire today (four $2 off and two $1.50 off). Bought 6 body washes for $20, -$5 Walgreens coupon, -$11 in Olay coupons, +$2 tax … for a total of $6. I used my rebate gift card so no OOP and got $7 back in register rewards! Money maker and got some of my favorite body wash! So excited. :)

  6. PurpleHeather says

    Lora – With my deal above, I handed the cashier my $5 coupon first, then did all the others. Seemingly no problem, but she was really nice, so she might have pushed something through.

  7. Candice says

    I had no problem using my $5/20 before my coupons today. I also wanted to let you know about a RR deal, buy 4 axe travel size sprays ($1.59 each) and get a print out for two free movie tickets. It comes to $6.36 + tax which is still cheaper than two tickets.

  8. says

    I went to Wags this evening, and gave her the $5/20 first, then all my other coupons and had OOP less than $1. See my blog for more!

  9. Trinity says

    Boy where has customer service gone? I had such a horrible experience at Walgreens to day with a return that I am thinking of never going back to that location. I have had a situation with the same manager there before and have written a complaint to corporate but who knows what will come of it. I have never felt so disrespected before. I wont go into details but it was a very upsetting experience.