What’s your best Frugal Father’s Day idea?

Father’s Day is this Sunday and while I’m pretty sure I know what I’m doing for my dad and my husband, I’m sure there are many others who are still looking for some great ideas.

My dad is very easy to please. He doesn’t like gifts, he likes handmade cards and letters so that’s what he normally gets and that’s what he’s getting again this year. It’s always so good to sit down and write out my thoughts of gratitude and appreciation to him for all he has done for me.

My husband is also easy to please. Up until this year, he always received a card and a special home-cooked dinner. This year, since we have more wiggle room in the budget, I’m actually buying him something. But it’s not anything fancy or extravagant. Instead, he’s getting dress clothes, thanks to Sears. And I know he’ll be happy as a lark since, unlike most men, he likes to shop and buy clothes!

What are you doing to bless and show appreciation for the special father(s) in your life? Tell us about it in the comments section in the next 24 hours and you’ll also be entered to win one of two $20 gift cards from Boston Market.
Our family loves Boston Market; it’s like enjoying delicious home-cooking without the work and effort! I especially enjoy their rotisserie chicken and mashed potatoes–Yum!

To enter to win one of these two $20 gift cards:

::Leave a comment telling us your best frugal idea for celebrating Father’s Day and blessing a special guy in your life.

::Tomorrow evening, I’ll randomly choose two winners and post them.

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  1. Shari C, says

    We love to watch a great movie from Netflix (Dad’s choice) while eating some microwave popcorn with the kids. The kids are now teenagers, but still love to gather together with dad on the couch for an action film.
    Later, “Mom” treats “Dad” to a free massage after a long, hard day at work. Saves a lot of money from what the spas charge, only cost is a small bottle of massage oil!

  2. Courtney says

    My family lives close by so we are getting together with them for dinner. I am giving my dad a framed picture for his office of our 1 year old wearing sunglasses (got the frame at Walmart on sale; cost me less than 3 bucks for frame and picture) & my husband is getting a framed picture of him and our son mowing the lawn on the tractor which is one of their favorite things to do together. I also am making a card for each of them from each of their grandsons/sons (we have the one year old and one on the way!) & sent them free e-cards as well.

  3. Sara says

    I bought him the same book that he used to read with his mother at bedtime. I thought it would be sweet for him to read it with our LO.

  4. says

    BM is my favorite also! On Father’s Day we usually do breakfast in bed, then church and then dad gets to pick what he wants to do all day. It usually hiking with the kids or going to walk the canal.

  5. Chrisanna says

    We recently moved for my husband to begin his doctorate program and we are currently unemployed. So I will do my best to not be emotionally needy. If there is a game on TV (what sport season is it?) he can watch all of it. And I will be sure to help my daughter make a card.

  6. Kacy says

    Well, I haven’t done this myself, but I remember a few years ago, my husband made a video tape for me for either Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day…either or, it was awesome! He just talked about how much he loved me and how much he appreciated me. It was such a nice surprise for me when I got up & he had already left for work :)

  7. says

    I turned a picture of my hubby and toddler son into a coloring sheet type photo, using photoshop, for my little guy to color. I then took a small wooden frame I had a different picture in (that was just sitting in the closet) and stamped w/ paint on the front “DA!” (toddler language!) along with some painted stars. I’ll place the picture in the frame, and tada! Cost me nothing except the ink to print out the photo.

  8. Hyla Hoover says

    I have five children between the ages of 5 to 11. Since we can’t afford to buy any type of gift this year my children are cutting out a picture of an item they would buy their Daddy if money were no object. It has been interesting to see how one child has a specific desire to give one item while another has a completely different idea. Since my husband is a very content person I have no fear this will stir up any coveteousness but will instead be meaningful and insightful of how senstitive each child is to what his needs and desires are and how each one would choose to bless him if they were financially able. It has been a fun project for them. They will include the pictures in homemade cards presented after his favorite meal and chocolate dessert!

  9. Jewel Cyr says

    My dad is getting a loaf of my banana nut bread, which he loves. I also saved enough cans to get him an all-you-can-eat night at the Thursday 26th game of the Astros. Good seats and good eats. Our friend is going with him since I didn’t have enough for another ticket.
    Hubby is getting a 1 year fishing license so he can take the boys fishing. He’s been hinting around and I sold something on craigslist so I could get it for him. He will know tonight since he has to go with me. Both are getting homemade cards from the boys. I love my dad and Hubby, they are good and easy to please men…

  10. Mary says

    We’re not doing too much. The kids and I will make him breakfast in bed, and we’ll make him some cards.

  11. kitty says

    I will do a home-made carrot cake for my father and buy him planters nuts as well as the free toothbrush which I earn from CVS. And then I will buy my husband $100 Dockers Clothes or pants and give him the $75 Shell gas gift card.

  12. Donna says

    My mom died in late December after suffering with lung disease for many years. She really began to go downhill last year and rapidly declined from October through December. During these last three months, my dad stopped working. He stayed with my mom 24/7. He got little sleep, being woke several times each night to care for my mom. He fed her, dressed her, cleaned her up, and helped her to go potty. He cooked and cleaned and took on the role of total caregiver. I think my gift to him will be a note thanking him for serving her that way.

  13. Jodi Reed says

    Our moms group got together yesterday and made really cute pen holders out of empty soup cans and pictures of our kids, the kids used glitter glue and yarn and foam stickers to decorate them and had a blast.

  14. nicole says

    I am going to do the Sears deal!!! First I am going to stop off at Kmart and buy 2 $50 giftcards so I can get hulk movie tickets.

  15. Jennifer Meybaum says

    I used fabric paint to make a tie with the kids’ handprints. It can be an old tie that he doesn’t use much anymore or a new tie. This was FRUGAL but great. He can wear the tie to church on Sunday.

  16. Tina says

    For my dad, we usually make a special phone call and have all the grandkids gather around on speaker phone. You can hear the joy in his voice when talking to each of them

  17. katharine says

    well, i didn’t have time to read all the great comments by others (so probably someone else is doing this too), but what i think my husband will really appreciate is if the kids and i get the house really CLEAN (yes, my man really appreciates this) and maybe give him a foot rub. of course the kids will also make cards and maybe even breakfast in bed, but we aren’t spending any money. .. so there you go, a really cheap way to make his day :) (though it will probably take most of my weekend to accomplish!)

  18. says

    For my DH’s dad, we’re grilling a fun meal on Saturday night. For my DH himself, he’s getting a pancake breakfast on Sunday morning (I’ll have to get up a little earlier to make sure we can have a special breakfast AND get three small children and ourselves to Sunday school and church). I always try to think of practical gifts, and he had been commenting about the lack of comfort of our camping chairs, so I bought a new set for him…still less than $20 for the gift.

  19. Courtney says

    My dad will be visiting for Father’s Day, so my daughter and I will be baking a red velvet cake for my husband and my dad. We are also planning on going on a picnic. Hubby will also be getting a foot rub! Frugal and appreciated :)


  20. jacque says

    My husband was given a Pennys coupon for $10 off a $10 or more purchase by his co worker. He picked one of those lanterns you crank for 30 seconds and get 1/2 hour light. He is tickled. It was a $40 lantern that was marked down by $30.03 + $1.99 leaving $7.98 which was covered by the coupon. The remainder went on a graduation gift for our son which was tremendously marked down! Hooray!

  21. becky says

    My favorite thing to do for my husband (father of our two wonderful children!) is make a big, full breakfast. Even with eggs, biscuits & gravy, bacon, fruit, juice and coffee, it’s much cheaper than eating out, less stressful and really shows him that he’s worth the extra effort!

  22. Susan says

    We are getting a few party platters from the grocery store. With our large family (8 children, 16 and under) its not easy to go to a restaurant for Father’s Day, so we ordered a wrap platter and a fruit platter and a cake. Its not terribly expensive and is a special treat without the stress of a restaurant. ALso, no drinks to pay for and no tip! We did this once on Mother’s Day when I had a 7 day old baby and it was WONDERFUL. I think this, along with some homemade cards, and paper plates (wink) will make for a lovely fathers day!

  23. says

    My kids made picture frames for their daddy, in which I’ll place a picture of each kid that I had printed at CVS with my 10 free prints for opening a new photo account. I also ordered him a mousepad with the kid’s pictures on it for his desk at work. These were 20% off at CVS, and I can use ECB to buy them.

  24. Christine says

    My two and a half year old and I are making a special dinner for Daddy with all of his favorite foods. I found steaks on sale, and we’re going to grill them. He loves to grill, and has been wanting to get steaks for some time! :)

  25. Elizabeth K says

    This year I actually spent $0 on my husband’s gifts. Last year, I forgot to give him the Father’s Day card I bought and since I saved it he’ll get it this year. Also, our son just turned two and he received an outfit that I concluded would never fit him so I returned it and I used the giftcard to buy some shoes for Daddy. We also made a Father’s Day craft (with no cost to me) at a StrollerFit session. The best part is that my husband will be delighted to know I managed to get him these gifts without going outside of our budget.

  26. Tassie says

    This year since we have another new addition we are doing something low key. The kids and I are packing daddy’s favorite lunch and taking him to the park for a day of fun in the sun.

  27. René says

    Every year I take pictures of my kids holding a “Happy Father’s Day” sign that they made. We put them in an album and present it to their dad on Father’s Day. (I also send copies to the grandfathers in a homemade card). The pictures accumulate in the album and it’s fun to look back every year at the silly and cute pictures. The cost of the album is under $10, then printed through snapfish.com the prints are $0.09 each.

  28. says

    We are having a family BBQ on Sunday…and everyone is going to bring a dish. Little Man and I made home-made Father’s Day crafts today for Daddy, and the Pop-Pop’s!

    Should be a Great Day!!

  29. Amy says

    Normally for mothers day or fathers day we don’t buy gifts, we let the kids make them. This year my dh bought me some great outdoor furniture for mothers day SO, we are getting him a GPS system. The kids also made him some great gifts that he will love. OH and we always make him breakfast in bed!

  30. says

    Our church has a father’s day picnic after church every year, so my husband and I will be going to that–we go to the same church as my parents, so I’ll be able to spend the whole day with Dad. I also plan to get him a nice card. We were just married about a month ago and don’t have a lot of extra money to buy gifts this year, but my husband is a carpenter, so I’m going to suggest to him to build a frame for each of our dads and put the family picture from the wedding in each one. :)

  31. says

    Husband asked for steak on the grill, and our (college-aged) daughters to be there…we see them so little that will be a pleasure in itself!
    But he loves to eat out, and he loves his hunting and fishing. So this year’s present will be two magazines I earned by watching commercials (thanks to you, MSM!), plus some heavily discounted restaurant gift certificates to some of his favorite places.

  32. Gail says

    What could be more special than naming a star for Dad? And there is a place to do it for FREE, and print out your own certificate!
    1.For the Dad with everything-his very own star
    2.For the new Dad-a star named after him and the new little one.
    3.For the best Dad in the world, his very own star! and – Have the little ones make star shaped cookies, or make a special breakfast of pancakes, then cut out a star in the center using your star cookie cutter. At night, you can all go out together and look up at the stars. A Father’s Day to remember!
    go to freenameastar.com to name yours. You can do it for free, or can add extras as you wish for nominal amounts. (bookmark the site for later, as this makes great teachers gifts, birthday gifts, etc. with a few fillers added).

  33. says

    We each have special traditions for mothers/fathers day. For my mothers day gift….since I am the one with kids most of the time they get me an “only me” gift such as bath soaps and then head out to dinner. Since dad doesnt get to spend as much time with the kids he gets a “family oriented” gift. This year we bought him a new edition of Monopoly and we always grill out :) Our local butcher has beef ribs for $.95/lb so we are going to have a super yummy meal of grilled ribs, corn on the cob, grilled onions, peppers, and squash followed by a fun afternoon of Monopoly with the whole family :)


  34. Amy D. says

    Recently, I received a coupon for $10 off any purchase at Jcpenny’s. So for Father’s day we picked him out a pair of the swimming trunks that were on sale for $9.99. It’s not a sentimental gift, but it was free, and it’s something he needs really bad! All 4 of my kids did make him cards too(with materials we already had on hand) that turned out super cute!

  35. says

    Well, it’s not the MOST frugal, but I was pretty impressed with my ingenuity. :-)

    I found two pictures of Josh with each of the kids that I really liked. One was a rear shot of Olivia and her daddy walking hand in hand. The other was Benjamin being lowered carefully from a (low!) bridge by his daddy so he could feel the creek water on his feet.

    And I bought some iron-on transfer paper (It was $10, but I can make several shirts out of it – maybe some more next year!) and some cheap plain colored shirts at Wal-Mart ($2.75 each).

    And, for $15 ($7.50 each), I made my kids personalized Father’s Day shirts. It’s like a card he can read all day long! And then again whenever they wear them again! Good ’til they grow out of them! And on the back of the shirts, I put another transfer that says “I Heart Daddy”.

    Oh, I forgot the captions. Olivia’s caption was “My Daddy holds my hand” and Benjamin’s was “My Daddy won’t let me fall.”

    I’ll post a picture of them on Sunday on my site (http://www.thenaturalmommy.com), but not until then! I want them to be a surprise!

    I hope he likes them… I really think they turned out well!

  36. Kelly says

    My son and I found one of his favorite magazines for a $1.00 an issue on a magazine web site . We took him out for an early Fathers Day dinner” paying for part of his meal with a gift card I had earned on a survey site”.

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