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Walgreens: Possibly free diapers!

Thanks to everyone who emailed and commented about the free diapers at Walgreens.

I mentioned earlier that by combining the EasySaver coupon and the store sale with the current Register Reward deal, you could come out with a sweet deal on diapers. However, the deal can be made even sweeter if you are able to find the $50 Walgreens Savings Book in your pharmacy (you’ll likely need to ask for these).

The $50 Saving Book contains another diaper coupon for $2/1 package of diapers. If your store allows you to use both the Savings Book coupon and the EasySaver coupon together (most should accept both–as these are store coupons–but there are reports of not all stores accepting them), then here’s how the deal breaks down:

Buy 3 packages of Walgreens brand Jumbo diapers–on sale for $5.99 this week
Use $5/2 EasySaver coupon–this should take $2.50 off each pack of diapers
Use $2/1 Savings Book coupon–this should take $2 off each pack of diapers
Spend $4.47 plus tax out of pocket
Get $5 Register Rewards back
Free after coupons and Register Rewards!

This deal cannot be "rolled", meaning you cannot use the $5 RR you earn to buy more diapers and earn another $5 RR (the computers are set up to not print out another RR for the same deal if you paid with an RR you earned from doing the deal before). However, you can do as many separate transactions as you like and then take the $5 RRs and use them to buy other groceries or items you need!

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  1. Dawn says

    I tried this yesterday and two different walgreens did not have the coupons from the Pharmacy. They still ended up being $3.50 a pack with just the easy saver coupon so still not a bad deal. I also did not get the Register Rewards either. I did still get 5 packs of diapers at that price it was still a good deal.

  2. Kate says

    I did it yesterday and paid a net of 62 cents for 6 packs of diapers. Yippee! I do recommend going up a size in these diapers though, as my daughter is at the smaller end of size threes and they fit snug.

  3. Bec says

    I also tried 2 Walgreens & no one had the pharmacy coupons, although with the easysaver coupon & register rewards, bought in groups of 3, it still came out to only 2.36 a pack including tax.

  4. says

    I did this last night. For some reason, the $2/1 coupon only came off twice, and the assistant manager said it should have only come off once, but he wouldn’t tell (ie he wouldn’t take away my extra $2 discount).

    Anyways, I got 3 packs of diapers for $7.60 OOP, and scored a $5 RR. Trying to decide if I should do the deal again. Probably will with two kids in diapers, and potty training nowhere in sight. I’ll try a different Wags though, to see if I can get the $2/1 coupon to work on all 3 packs!

  5. Lorrie says

    I just got back from Walgreens. I was able to get 9 packs of diapers for about $15. With the $15 I got back in RRs they were free. I plan to use the $15 in RRs for Pampers so I can add the points on the Pampers website for more free stuff.
    I also bought the Theragran-M vitamins. They were BOGO. After the $5 rebate and the $4 coupon they will only cost about $1 for both bottles.

  6. Lisa D. says

    Just did this deal this a.m. 3 times at 2 different stores and it worked perfectly. I paid less than $5 each time for 3 packs of diapers, and then I got a $5 coupon for my next shopping trip. Excellent deal!

  7. W says

    The diaper packaging is changing, and the new green packages that just have a W instead of Walgreens do not print the $5 RR. But the red supreme packages that say Walgreens do print the RR, so look for those!

  8. says

    My Walgreens pharmacy had the coupon book, but they said they are only for people who buy the Walgreens prescription club membership ($20). I still did the deal with my gift card so no OOP, but I plan to try another Walgreens later this week to see if I can get the $50 coupon book without getting the prescription membership.

  9. Lacy Reyes says

    I did this today! I went in with the assumption that the pharmacy would not have this coupon book, so that I would not get my hopes up! Guess what! They had them! It worked so smoothly! I did 1 transaction of 3 diapers, paid $4.84 oop, got $5.00 walgreens money, did this same thing again on trans. #2, and on trans #3 scored a pair of those binoculars they had marked down to $9.99 and a gal. of milk for $3.02!! Awesome deal! I will be going again tomorrow to buy 6 more pks of diapers in one size up! If they are too big, I can always exchange them later!

    Thanks so much for this post! I tallied up my total: would have been $115! I saved over $96.00!!!!! Wow! I owe you big time!

  10. says

    Did this deal at my Walgreens in WI this afternoon…they didn’t have the savings booklet, but 3 packs of diapers were $11.39 with Wisconsin sales tax – after the RR, $6.39. Not a bad deal at all! I did buy size 3s and 4s – after reading a previous post on the diapers fitting snugly on some folks’ LOs, I changed Liam right away into one – he’s roughly 20 pounds, and the size 3s fit him very well. But he also is somewhat longer torsoed than other babies-still has the chubby baby belly, but either way….they fit! I love it when diapers are cheap and work well.

    Dare I say it? I think I did better at Wags this week than I could’ve at CVS (which is 45 minutes away….) I’m going to do this deal multiple times this week – not like dipeys go bad.

    :) And the best part is there were dancing Mickey and Minnie toys at my Wags…so I got one right away for Liam and for a friend’s little one for Christmas. Whoever said being frugal isn’t fun doens’t know what they’re missing!

  11. says

    Walgreens in Howell Michigan had the pharmacy coupon books. Just sitting out in the counsel counter.

    3 packages WAGS Size 6 Pull-ups
    1 ESC coupon $5 off 2
    1 Pharmacy Book coupon $2 off 1

    OOP 5.19 (we have 6% sales tax)

    $5 Register Rewards

    Did another round of size 6 diapers because we do use both. Worked just as well.

    I now have $10 RR to work with. I’m guessing to roll into a MIR would be a good deal.

    Maybe I can save up for a pool!!!

  12. Melissa says

    The coupon book I got from the pharmacy doesn’t have a diaper coupon in it – just one for adult diapers. On the front, it says “Thank you for requesting your free Medicare Part D Plan Report.” Is that the same one that everyone else got?
    Also, fyi, I used the $2/1 coupon for Honey Bunches of Oats (www.onespoonful.com – on sale for 2/$5 = $.50/box), and I got a catalina for $2 off Kraft, plus some boxes of cereal have a $1 coupon for Maxwell House.

  13. Leslie says

    I tried it this afternoon and it worked kind of. The $2 coupon from the savings flier at the pharmacy only came off once. It does say on the coupon “limit one”. But I used some RR’s that I had from the deal on scrunchi (?). It made the diapers about $1.60 a package. Not bad!

  14. Sylvia says

    Waah. Things did not go well. After I talked to 4 people, I managed to get the pharmacy booklet, but they wouldn’t let me use both coupons. Then I bought the 3 packs of Walgreens brand size 3 diapers anyways, but I guess they’re not on sale everywhere, because afterwards I noticed that they rang up at $8.99. Boo! :( I was able to get the one coupon discount and it did give me the 5$ RR, but I dunno if all the pain was worth that. Plus the crying baby I was wearing didn’t help at all.

  15. says

    I went to Walgreens yesterday to do this transaction. I was able to get the coupons from the pharmacy as well as the Easy Saver booklet. I bought the Walgreens diapers in the red and white packaging. While I was able to use the coupons, I did not get the RR. I am still happy with 3 packs of diapers for $4.50. I asked for my coupons back, and she kept them. I hope to go to our new Walgreens and do another transaction this week. To get the coupons from the pharmacy, we did discuss the benefits of their plan, but opted not to join.

  16. says

    This deal works great in my part of GA. I did though have to try two different Walgreens before I found one that would give me the pharmacy coupon book without buying the pharmacy card plan. I read somewhere that you should be able to keep your pharmacy coupon because it is a store coupon and the cashier didn’t need it but both time I tried and they wouldn’t let me keep it. Oh well, six packs for now. Hopefully, they will keep handing me the booklets!

  17. Kristin@click-n-save says

    I was thrilled after my first transaction at Walgreens yesterday. I bought three packages of diapers and two boxes of Honey Bunches of Oats. I used Register Rewards from recent deals and paid $1.90 after coupons! I also got $7 in Register Rewards! I was even more excited with transaction #2 when I bought four small bottles of Maalox and got paid $.04! I ended up doing the diaper deal four times, then using the Register Rewards to buy more diapers. I now have 18 packages for just over $30! We are new to using disposable diapers, so I’m really excited to have a stockpile already.

  18. Kristin@click-n-save says

    For those who are saying that they didn’t get their Register Rewards, you should speak with the manager or contact customer service. The Register Rewards deal was in this week’s flier, so it would be a shame to pass them up.

  19. shekinah says

    All the walgreens in my area take the extra coupon and one of the walgreens employee atually took her break and used my coupons and the manager rang her up. I was so proud!!!!!

  20. Kara says

    basically paid $2.23 for 12 packs of Walgreens brand diapers! Hopefully Carter can wear them but if not I will donate them! Here is how it works: The diapers are on sale for $5.99 all month when you use the coupon in the monthy saver book. When you use the coupon, $2.50 comes off each package. Also, if you buy at least 3 packs of diapers, you get a $5 in store credit to use on other purchases. In order to get multiple $5.00 coupons, you have to do separate transaction (like I bought 12 packs of diapers so I did 4 transactions. You can pay with your $5 coupon that you get but it won’t print an additional one because the register is set up to not print one when you use one to pay) In addition to these coupons, if you ask the pharmacy about their 90 day prescription savings plan, there is a coupon book they should give you with over $50 of savings in coupons. There is a $2 off coupon inside for Walgreens diapers and will take $2 off each package when you use it.

    3 x $5.99 = 17.97
    – $7.50 monthly coupon
    -$6.00 pharmacy coupon booklet
    with tax = $5.58 out of pocket but you get a recepit for a $5 in store credit so really it is $0.58!!! woohooooo!!!
    My recepit said I saved $19.50 per transaction so that is a $78.00 savings!!!!

  21. Jen Sullivan says

    Thank-you to whoever got the word out about the diaper deal at Walgreens. Worked wonderfully for me!

  22. says

    My area is saturated with Walgreens, so I went to three different stores before I found one that had the pharmacy coupons. But once I did – wow! I now have enough diapers for the next five months, approximately :) I’m not brand loyal and I figure that if I end up really hating them I only need to use about three packages before breaking even on what I normally spend on Costco diapers that last me only a month!

  23. says

    I easily got the pharmacy coupon booklet..she just handed it to me, didn’t have to listen to anything at all. But it wouldn’t work at the register because it says for 21-40 count diapers…so if you are buying larger sizes, they probably fall into that quantity range. I was buying size 1 & 2 and they DO run small. IRONY, my friend bought the same thing I did but the pharm coupon worked at her walgreens. Go figure.. Still a great deal though!! Now that I have tried them, I am going back for more this week!

  24. says

    Thanks for the heads-up on this one. I was watching for a diaper deal to help out the young mom I have “adopted” and am helping with all my freebies. I know that diapers are a big expense.

    I got a coupon book – after being told that it was for people who signed up and I did look over their “list” but told her I would have to take it home and compare it to my DH’s meds list. She told me to go ahead and take the flier!

    I boo-booed at the first store, because I didn’t understand from the original instructions (and didn’t check the ad – dumb!) and I just bought TWO packs. I still only paid $3 so I figure that even without the RR that was a good deal. At the second store, they had to go into the back to get me the right diaper and package size. I checked out with $5.19 OOP and then got the RR back. The single mom just happened to be with me and she was amazed. I gave the RR to her along with the coupons, but then we noticed that the cashier had torn out the Pharm. Flier Q!! Bummer!! I wanted to go back inside and get it back – ha.

  25. Lindsay says

    i did the same thing and bought only two because the cashier split my transac`tions up so that 2 pharmacy coupons would scan with the 5/2 coupons. I still made out pretty well for diapers even without the RR- it saved a bunch! I just walked back to the pharmacy and asked for the flier for the prescription plan- she gave me two..the cashier kept both my coupons though.

  26. Kristen says

    What is the exact verbage used to ask for the $50 Walgreens Savings Book? I asked for the “$50 Savings Book” tonight, and the cashier in the front and also the people at the pharmacy didn’t seem to know what I was talking about. They thought I was asking about the EasySaver, and I told them I have that booklet, but that there is another one. Still they didn’t know. Is this $50 Walgreens Savings Book not at every Walgreens’?
    Thanks for all the ideas for excellent deals!

  27. Carrie says

    Loving this deal! It has worked for me three times now…and these diapers are great to give to daycare, since they change them at least every 2 hours anyway!

  28. Mrs. B says

    I just read in the comments section that several people reported having to pay $20 for the pharmacy coupon book. I wish you’d have updated this on your main post because I made a special trip just for this deal and wasn’t able to use it.

    Money Saving Mom here: I don’t know of anyone who actually *paid* for the pharmacy booklet–some people just reported being told they could only get it if they signed up for the prescription plan.

    I try to update posts with pertinent information when possible, however, since I’d already said in the original post that this was only a *possible* deal and not everyone would likely be able find these coupons or get these coupons at their pharmacy, I didn’t feel the need to update the post.

    I highly encourage people to read the comments before doing a deal because the commentors often shed more light, ideas, and information on deals that I may have overlooked. I can’t always keep up myself! :)

  29. says

    I did this deal but my $2.00 off pharmacy coupon only took $2.00 of one pack of diapers and I didn’t get any register rewards. :-( I did get three packs of diapers for $9.00 so it was still a pretty good deal.

  30. Ann says

    For all those who are having trouble finding the pharmacy coupon booklet, look up Page 60 in the easy saver.It clearly says that all you have to do to obtain the coupons is to ask about the prescription savings program.(not join it). I got mine by just asking about the program and showing that page at the pharmacy.You do have to surrender the coupon at the register though. Hope this helps.
    Thanks for all your deals Crystal!

  31. Trinity says

    I did this deal twice at two different stores. First store I purchased two groups of 3 packages used the coupon for $5 off2 and paid $11.73 then got $5 rr for each group.

    Then went to next store and got 6 packs again. They had the coupon at the pharmacy so i used that coupon the $5/2 and used my rr and paid under $3.

    So i got 12 packs of diapers (316 diapers in size 5 and 6) for about $26. I would normally pay about $75 for the same amount I diapers I normally buy.

    BTW i tested them out and they have worked great so far!!! I think i even like htem better than the brand I had before!!

    Thanks for the wonderful post!!

  32. Melissa says

    I had to stop at 2 different Wags today because the first one didn’t have the scrubbing bubbles I needed.. of course the 2nd one didn’t either.. but I got the $50 coupon book from both Pharmacies after telling them both over and over that they had these books. They kept trying to give me the rebate books and I said over and over.. no my friend has the book.. I just saw it, it says something about $50 of coupons on the front.. of course at the first one finally a big manager walks back and yells at all of them because there is a huge flipping box of them right behind them even though I stood there for 10 minutes with them calling everyone in the store.

    Took both coupons to the front, $6 off with the first coupon $7.50 with the second.. worked like a charm!!

    At the 2nd walgreens it was raining so hard and hailing and after realizing that they didn’t have the srubbing bubbles I needed I figured I’d go for round 2 of diapers.. again this Pharmacy had no clue they even had them and had to walk around looking for them..

    I got 2 of each size newborn, size 1, and size 2. I have 2 friends that are preggers so I’ll give them each a set. Nice gift that with tax will only cost me 40 cents! not bad.


  33. Rachael says

    This worked perfect for me! Thanks so much! Also, if you look in your easy saver booklet on page 60 in the blue oval it says you get the coupons just for asking. My friend got told she had to sign up too and I told her to take the ES book to show them and they gave her the coupons no problem!

  34. Kristen says

    I was told by my manager that my RRs did not print because I used coupons. Is this actually the policy? The manager said this had always been the policy- that RRs will only print if you buy the items at the regular or sale price without coupons.

  35. mamajo says

    I was wondering, did anyone buy more than 3 at a time and did it take $2.50 and $2.00 off each one, still? I might be crazy, but I’m thinking of the following scenario for Friday/Saturday:
    Buy 5 packs @ $5.99 each= $29.95
    July ES Coupon -12.50
    August ES Coupon -12.50
    Pharmacy Coupon -10.00
    Total -$5.05
    So maybe I buy a gift card for $6?
    I would spend $.95 OOP and get $5 in register rewards.

    Do you think it would work? It also seems legit because the July coupon is off 2, August off 2 and the Pharmacy is off 1, so I could justify buying 5, so all the coupons match different diapers in the deal. Do you think it would work for a larger quantity. I know you would only get $5 in register rewards, but it’s okay with me, as it’s a bit of a hassle to keep coming back up with diapers and diapers. Let me know, all you experts!

  36. mamajo says

    I was wondering, did anyone buy more than 3 at a time and did it take $2.50 and $2.00 off each one, still? I might be crazy, but I’m thinking of the following scenario for Friday/Saturday:
    Buy 5 packs @ $5.99 each= $29.95
    July ES Coupon -12.50
    August ES Coupon -12.50
    Pharmacy Coupon -10.00
    Total -$5.05
    So maybe I buy a gift card for $6?
    I would spend $.95 OOP and get $5 in register rewards.

    Do you think it would work? It also seems legit because the July coupon is off 2, August off 2 and the Pharmacy is off 1, so I could justify buying 5, so all the coupons match different diapers in the deal. Do you think it would work for a larger quantity. I know you would only get $5 in register rewards, but it’s okay with me, as it’s a bit of a hassle to keep coming back up with diapers and diapers. Let me know, all you experts!

  37. says

    Something is not going right at Wags today.
    They are all in a huff about the coupons. The mgr would not let me use both July and Aug coupons and would not let me buy 3 at a time to the the $5 reward. They said they had a memo from corporate. :(

  38. mamajo says

    Buying 5 packs works! Buy 5 packs (make sure they are the right ones that the coupons work for!) and buy an item that costs $5.25 or more. Use the July ES $5 off coupon, August ES $5 off coupon and the Pharmacy $2 off coupon. You will pay pennies out of pocket and get a Register Rewards Cert for $5!!!

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