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How financially fit are you?

Janet sent me this fun quiz.

With Americans focused too much on their credit scores
it seems that they haven’t a clue about their overall financial
wellness. How
financially fit are you? How
does your score compare to other test-takers? Have some fun with this quiz. It just might be the wake-up call we all need to get financially

I found the quiz very interesting to take and was surprised to score 98% on it. I am guessing that not owning a home was one of the biggest marks against us being at 100%–though in the current life situation and housing market we’re in, we feel like saving up to pay 100% down is a much better plan, even if most people think we’re nuts to be doing something so radical.

My husband and I have worked very hard over the past few years to be in good financial shape, but
taking this quiz reminded me just how much driving old cars, packing sack lunches, shopping at thrift stores, living in a basement apartment, eating off the dollar menu, and all the other “counter-cultural” things we’ve done over the past five years of our marriage have paid off. Lord-willing, in another few years we’ll own our own home outright and score 100% on the quiz!

If you take the quiz, tell us how you scored. And please don’t feel badly if you have a low score. If I were to have done this quiz three years ago when we were barely making ends meet, I’m sure my score results would have looked much differently. So, as long as you are working hard to be in a better position financially, take heart, it will pay off!

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  1. Kim says

    Sigh, I only scored a 90%. I think it was because we only have about 1 month of emergency fund and we don’t really have a budget.

  2. says

    What a fun tool! I love that it includes several different aspects of financial fitness – I’ve seen many people focus on one and neglect the others.

    We scored 99% – we don’t pay to have our credit monitored. I’m glad to know that we’re “financially fit.” Like another commenter, we too have a son with a disability so it’s really important for us to be saving for our future.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Laurie says

    I scored a 64, but I think it’s too high! I have no emergency fund, am 4 months behind on most bills, (mortgage too) and am $500 in the hole every month with my debt2income ratio.

  4. says

    I got a 93%. We’d be better off if we had more in rainy-day savings, but we have been using any extra to pay the mortgage down– should have that taken care of in 5 years, so I was disappointed the quiz didn’t give us ‘credit’ for that. Also we have made the decision to let our kids pay for their own college– I am sure we were dinged on the quiz for that. It was interesting to take this…thanks for sharing!

    Mary, mom to many

  5. says

    I scored and 87% and I also was surprised it was that high. This past year we just began following the Dave Ramsey plan and are still very much baby stepping, but the score made me feel better. If we had taken it a year ago it would be a definite F.

  6. kelli says

    I scored an 83% and I was surprised it was that high- thankfully it didn’t ask how much debt we actually have. :) We’re working on it though.

  7. says

    We got a 96% but I don’t necessarily agree with the reasons why. I am very secure in what we are doing financially so that was good confirmation!!

  8. says

    89%–we have a what I consider a huge credit card debt. Fortunately, we’re on track to have it payed off by January. Yay!

    On nother note, isn’t it crazy that people think it makes more sense to owe crazy debt on a house? That kind of thinking drives me nuts.

  9. says

    Scored a 92%. Still have some student loans from master’s work, and we don’t have a will because we have no kids. Hopefully it will be fun to take this later when I have my school debt paid off.

  10. Bay says

    I got an 86%…not as high as I would like, but the areas that it figured I need to work on I am currently working on. So, I don’t feel so bad 😉

  11. Michelle says

    94%. We don’t save for college, we save for retirement. Our theory is Monkey boy can get student loans or scholarships (if he even chooses college), but no one is going to loan us money to retire.

  12. says

    86. Not too shabby. I had some recent issues that have built up a little credit card debt and I don’t have a will….soon to change! It was an interesting quiz!

  13. says

    We scored a 99% but since we have been financially independent since our 50’s I would be surprised if we hadn’t! We own our home outright and have for years; we pay cash for our cars; we use credit cards for convenience and pay them off every month; we have no debt whatsoever and have accumulated megabucks so that we can live financially independent for the rest of our lives.

  14. says

    I got a 93%, which I am fairly happy with. The major things for us are not owning our own home yet (we are saving up), not having our will in place (a goal we have for this year), not checking insurance rates often (because this really doesn’t apply in Canada, at least not in BC), and not being 100% sure about our retirement plans. I think that’s fairly minor, for where we’re at in life.

    The only other thing was that at the moment, we only have between 1-2 months savings, which we are working at bringing up to a full 3 months as soon as we can. It will feel so good to have those savings, and then go really hard on our house savings!

    Fun quiz, thanks Crystal!

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