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CVS: Gold Emblem candy deal

For those who have a card scanner at your CVS stores, you’ll want to be sure and scan your card when you go to CVS. Most of the card scanners are currently printing the following coupons every time you scan your card: $3/$10 CVS brand coupon, $1/3 CVS brand toothbrushes, and $1/2 bags of Gold Emblem candy.

Gold Emblem candy is on sale for $0.88 this week. Use the the $1/2 coupon to get them for $0.33/bag. This would be a great filler to use for some of your deals this week and I was already planning on snagging some.

It gets even better, though. This candy is part of the Buy $10, Get $5 ECBs deal this week. So, if you were doing multiple transactions at CVS, you could use these bags as fillers, only pay $0.33/bag, and–after buying 12 bags–you’ll get $5 ECBs back!

Plus, since Gold Emblem is a CVS brand item, you can also work these candies into other transactions with CVS brand items and use a $3/$10 coupon. For instance, here’s what one transaction I’m planning this week:

Buy 3 CVS brand cotton swabs -$3.19 each
Buy 2 Gold Emblem candies – $0.88 each
Buy 2 Huggies Bath and Body products – $3.49 each
Use $3/15 coupon
Use $3/10 CVS-brand coupon
Use $1/2 Gold Emblem coupon
Use 2 $1/1 Huggies coupons
Spend $9.31 plus tax
Get $10 ECBs back!
Plus, I’d have $1.76 towards the candy deal

If your store allows you to use more than one $1/2 Gold Emblem coupon at a time (they don’t say anything about limits on them, but I’ve heard that using more than one will cause the register to beep and the coupon will have to be manually pushed through), here’s what you could do:

Buy 12 bags Gold Emblem candies at $0.88 each
Use $3/$10 CVS brand coupon
Use 6 $1/2 Gold Emblem coupons
Spend $1.56 plus tax out of pocket
Get $5 ECBs back!

Best of all, this deal has a limit of 5 so you could potentially do the above deal 5 times in different transactions, spend $7.80 out of pocket total plus tax, get $30 ECBs back, and come away with 60 bags of candy!

I’m not sure that I’m needing that much candy this week but for anyone who might have some extra time this week, lots of CVS stores nearby, and be needing a bunch of candy for some upcoming  event, go for it!

Also, check the clearance section of your store for BeFine products.  Chablis, from Western Illinois reported that she found BeFine clearance products which produced $5 ECBs.

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  1. says

    I bought 2 bags of Gold Emblem candy this morning and was very surprised to see it count towards the candy deal. Very cool. I have not been able to use more than one of the same CVS coupons on an order though, so I’ll have to add these to other deals.

    This Side of Eternity

  2. says

    I scanned my Card Sunday at our new Kiosk and I got a $10 off $50 purchase which i stacked with my $3 off $15! I also got $2 off a Colgate 360 Toothbrush and I have a Manf. Coupon for $1 off that toothbrush!

    I’m so happy we now have a Scanner at our store!

  3. says

    I find that my CVS doesn’t allow ECB deals on clearance items. They don’t scan them (just punch in the amount on the new price sticker) so the computer can’t include them. Such a bummer!

  4. Kathleen says

    Hello all- I have never posted however; I’m always on the site looking at CVS deals. I have a question- is the card scanner different than the price scanner? I have seen the price scanner and have used, there appears to be a slot where coupons could come out but nothing every has. thanks!

  5. says

    Just a suggestion for all that candy…check to see the expiration date and it may keep until halloween. I plan on getting the gum and saving it for that.

  6. Jan says

    Use caution on clearance items- at more store at least they put a price sticker on it- and you will not get ECB on a clearance item- they enter the price manually.

  7. says

    Another question about the scanner: My store has a price scanner in the middle of the store that I use frequently to double check on prices and make sure I’ve picked up the correct item. But when I tried scanning my card, it showed an error message. Is this the same thing you all are referring to? If so, any idea why it shows an error message?

  8. Heather says

    Another caution on clearance items (can’t remember if I made a comment about this already):

    I tried buying a Be Fine packet that was in the clearance section. The cashier scanned it and it rang up full price (1.99) but I did not get 5 ecbs.

    I also bought a Brut cologne in the clearance section. The cashier scanned it, and then modified the price to the clearance price, so it should have given me 3 ecbs. But it did not. The cashier said I was out of luck – because it was clearance I was not allowed to get the ecbs.

  9. Jennifer says

    I’ve never tried combining the 3/10 and 3/15 coupon. It states on the 3/15 coupon that it cannot be combined with any other CVS coupon so I’m scared to try. Have you always been allowed to combine them?

    Money Saving Mom here:

    You shouldn’t have a problem as they are two different kinds of coupons–one off of CVS brand products, one off your entire order. I have never had a problem combining these coupons and they go through without a hitch. Just like you can use CVS store coupons in conjunction with $/$$ coupons, you can also combine these two coupons together.

    Of course, as always, your own store could have store-specific rules which are different than this, but this is what I have found is the case the majority of the time across the nation.

  10. Jenni says

    Can you give more information on the scanners you are talking about. I don’t remember seeing one at my CVS. Anyone in Middle Tennessee have one at the store they shop at?

  11. Deana says

    I bought the gold emblem candies today – there was a SIGN on all of the 88cent ones saying they were a part of the the ECB deal, but the cashier said they weren’t when it didn’t print.  She even pulled out the ad to show me which ones I needed to buy (duh!).  I didn’t argue, because there was a long line in there at the time, and I had already taken long enough, but I plan to return later when one of my favorite cashiers is working and I will take the candy and receipt back and see what they will do.

  12. says

    Thank you so much for posting this! I didn’t know that those candies were part of the buy 10.00 get 5.00 deal. I am stocking up on orange and spearmint slices for 2 father’s day gifts so I’m too happy that these will count toward the deal. My CVS just got the scanner machine but it wasn’t working on Sunday. Hopefully, when I go on Thursday to finish up my shopping, it will be working. If not, I can still figure out a good deal. Thanks again!

  13. says

    wow, thanks for the Gold Emblem info! i am gathering candy for a birthday pinata this week so i’m psyched to hear this. it will edge out (for awhile) my usual favorite filler, the .35 oatmeal cream pie.

  14. Ace says

    Newbie here – How does one reuse the $3/$15 coupon? I printed some from the Beacon Journal (thanks for the tip) but the register beeped at the second $3/$15 coupon in my second transaction, so I didn’t get to use it. Do I need a 2nd card? or should I try a different store???

    Also… just curious… but I’m wondering how to update my pricebook with these CVS transactions. Does one factor in the ECBs on the price per unit? As an example, in my second transaction I bought two Folgers 39 oz cans. I had to use $10 cash and $10 ECBs (since the $3/$15 coupon wouldn’t work). Then I got the $10 extra bucks on my receipt. I recorded it as 78oz. coffee for $10, or .13/oz. Actually, though, I was agreeing to pay $20 for 78oz of coffee, or .26/oz. but received ECBs as an instant rebate. How does everyone else record ECB transactions in their price books?

    Please help a confewbie.
    (confused newbie)



  15. Ashley says

    Hi…I just tried scanning my card at the scanners! I was so excited when I got the $1 off of 2 Gold Emblem candies, $3 off a $10 CVS Brand purchase, and suprisingly a $3 off any Revlon product. I am so excited to use it combined with a manufacturer coupon on the 6.99 color stay eyeshadow, because I will make $3 ECB’s on it. Has anyone else had this coupon print?

  16. Angela O says

    For those wondering about the price/card scanners: there are some that DO NOT print coupons, even though it has a slot where coupons might come out. Maybe you can mention to your manager about the possibility of having coupon-printing capability. And of course, some stores don’t have them at all. CVS is sooo random, aren’t they?

    Deana–you can also call 1-800-shop-CVS and they can reset the ECBs to print.

  17. says

    Regarding the price scanner/checker giving an error message when you scan your CVS Card: it might be out of paper or jammed. My store’s scanner does this every once in a while. Ask a CVS employee/manager, and they should be able to open it with a key and fix it for you pretty easily.

    Hope that helps!

  18. Michelle says

    My scanner will only print out one $1/2 Gold Emblem candies a day…is there any way around that? Or a way to print more than one coupon?

  19. says

    I never had a problem at my store using a 3/15 newspaper and a 3/10 CVS scanner coupon together even if the total transaction is just $15.00. I just need to be sure at least $10 of it is CVS brand. Also, I use those 3/15’s or 5/15’s from the papers that are out now every single time I shop at CVS and have never had a beep. I do make sure they are scanned first though. I am not sure why it just worked that way for me so I got into the habit.

  20. PurpleHeather says

    I’m trying to get the hang of CVSing, and have a couple questions. For example, regarding the buy $10 of candy and get $5 ECBs deal… the post seems to suggest that the $10 requirement is BEFORE any coupons or other deals. Is this always the case?

    Love the site! Went to Walmart today, walked out with three bags of goodies and paid less than $2!!

  21. sarah says

    i just thought maybe someone would be interested the 2 pack of softlips lipgloss generates a 2$ECB when 2 are purchased at 3.99 each.this could be a good filler for the $3/15 or $4/15.
    also, in my cvs there are tear pads for dasani water buy any 2 dasani products get 1 of the flavored waters free (iforget the particular name) this can also be combined with the get 1$ off 2 coupons floating around on 6packs of dasani products.

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