Walgreens: Deals for the week of June 1-June 7, 2008 (er, make that “No Deals…”!)

After some pretty sweet deals at Walgreens the past month, this week the deals are just about non-existent. Or at least I sure didn’t see much to jump up and down about.

Here’s the ad, courtesy of Hot Coupon World. Let us know if you find anything worth mentioning.

And the monthly free after rebate deals aren’t too exciting either. Bethany posted the scoop:

Multi-Betic Multi-Vitamins 60 pack, up to $9.99; use $2 coupon from the Diabetic Products site (must complete brief diabetes-related survey) for some profit.

Walgreens Gluco-Shot, 2 oz, up to $1.99.

Walgreens Calcium Creamies, 75 pack, up to $5.99.

Walgreens Water Filtration Replacement Cartridge, up to $6.99

Theragran, 130 pack, up to $4.99.

Ecotrin Low-Strength Tablets, 45 pack, up to $2; use $1 coupon from 5/11 newspaper insert.

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  1. Lisa says

    I agree. There wasn’t much. Please don’t ever stop publishing them, though. I don’t have a CVS where I live. :(

  2. Kristyn says

    I also agree there was not a lot but here is what I did, 4 12pack soda for $11 which gave $3 register rewards to use on my second transaction, I got 2 3pack Irish Spring soap (sale 2/$3) and 1 womens Gillette shave gel (sale 1/$2– $1 off coupon in June EasySaver catalog and $1 off coupon in 6/1 P&G insert)– making second transaction free except tax. Thanks for all your posts, you’re such a blessing to all of us!! Kristyn

  3. Heather says

    The only thing I’m really excited about is the free water filter – it supposedly fits in Brita & Pur pitchers!

  4. Rachel says

    During my double-dipping last Friday at Walgreens, I got a free bottle of 35 ct. Maalox chewables using the $2/1 May and $2/1 June IVC’s. The smallest bottle retails for $3.99…that’s how it was Free. Anyway, I noticed that there was a MC for $2/1 Maalox chewables in the 6/1 SS (I think). So, you could combine it with the June $2/1 IVC to feed your Maalox addiction.

  5. Mary says

    This is my second month trying the Walgreens deals (no CVS near me), and I am rather disappointed in the Easy Saver this month!!

    But, while looking through the weekly add I noticed that the Walgreens Multi-symptom or Sinus meds are 3.99 this week with a 3.99 rebate… so they work out to being free after rebate.

    For my weekly trip so far I’m hoping to net the water filter (going to check to make sure it’ll fit my brita filter!), the eco-trin (got a MC to use), and the sinus meds.

  6. says

    I was pretty bummed too, and I’m hoping the deals get better later this month. But the good news is that my WG GC is pretty low, so I need to wait for last month’s rebates to be loaded on it before I can do any shopping anyway. 😉

  7. says

    I’m hoping they are generous with the RR this month because the Easysaver is a little disppointing. I did pick up the Ecotrin today, along with 4 12 packs of Dr.pepper($3 RR back) and a bottle of Children’s Motrin and Tylenol(we were out anyways and got $2 RR back)

  8. says

    I;m new to this whole CVS and Walgreen thing, but I checked through the Walgreen paper today and they have 4 pack of Angel soft on sale for $1.00, limit 2. I have 2 coupons for .50 on 1 roll, if I use a coupon on both then 2 rolls will only be $1.00. I thought that was a good deal.

  9. saverjane says

    There has been a LOT of confusion (I will spare you the details)at my local WG’s re.the handling of the coupons/rebates issues which occur on the couple of days when the two months overlap and there are coupons/rebates for the same product in both months’ EasySaver Catalogs(ESCs).

    I shopped at WG last Sat. and accidentally ended up with a rebate item from the May ESC on the same receipt as rebate items from the June ESC. I called Walgreen’s Customer Information(1-888-324-3028)to see it this would be a problem. The Customer Rep. said that in order for me to get both months’ rebates I would need to go back to the store, return and rebuy the May item (next day before May rebates expired) so it could be submitted separately from the June items. I asked about submitting online for each month and he said it still would not work, the second month would be seen as a duplicate and get rejected.(He said I could go back to the WG store with my receipt and request the store manager to generate an “electonic journal” copy for me which I could then submit, but I am not clear on how that would help since I think it would have the exact information on it as the orginal, esp, as far as online submission goes, although for mailing purposes, it would be accepted an an original receipt.)

    Sorry this post is so long!

    While I had the Cus.Rep on the phone, I asked questions re. the confusion at my store. He clearly stated that if there were coupons for the same item in overlappping ESCs BOTH coupons could be applied to that item AND a manufacture’s coupon could be applied, as well.

    So, this is official company policy and can be done without feeling guilty.(Got the feeling in the store that the employees there thought that I was trying to get away with something.LOL)

  10. Michelle says

    There is a coupon in the Easy Saver for $1 off 2 Sobe Life Waters price 2/$3, combine that with the BOGO printable coupon, .25 each. Also, the Walgreens 100ct ibuprofen and 100ct all day pain relief are on sale for $4ea, there is a rebate if you buy 3, you get $10 back – so three bottles end up costing $2.

  11. Elizabeth says

    I agree that the offering in Walgreens was not much this time…however I did get some things there on sale and using my manufacturer’s coupons too, plus picked up raincheck items. This raincheck was good for 2 items a couple weeks ago…but they only had 1 item in stock and since I wanted the 2 allowed…they agreed to give me a raincheck for 2 later. Plus I had found some manufacturer’s coupons on it after that week as well. In fact, if you do not have a mfr coupon to use on a sale item…try to go more towards the end of the week and at least at ours things are often out of stock…and sometimes your mfr coupon will arrive later thus saving more.
    Today I did have a 3/10 coupon that had been sent in the mail recently…so used that too. The things I bought were cheaper than at grocery stores, so I was happy.

    I did go to RiteAid as well today…had not gone in several months…do you suppose they are finally getting their act together after the merger? Maybe everyone got tired of going and coming home empty handed or nearly so. I had talked to them about the fact that their store was likely to go under, with gas so high, if they did not do a better job of things. I have worked retail in my younger years…I know things from both being a customer and a clerk. Today was one of my best shopping days ever. My total bill (at sale prices…and only one item I bought was not on sale..but I did have mfr coupons on most everything). I got 12 items which should have cost me $43.05, but after coupons and rebate to come, it will actually come to only $11.34!! Some items came out free or less. I am keeping 5 of those items for us…the rest goes to the poor. My husband and I have felt we need to do more for others and thanks to all Crystal has taught…I now have a way to do this. I try to shop carefully, generally just for necessities…but today the hair color was free so this was included too! The fun part is that the receivers have no idea who the givers are as our friends take everything to this poor little church for their members…and we are never seen!!! This is one of the most fun things I have ever done. Yes, it takes me hours to clip, sort, figure…but it is worthy work!! May your tribe increase Crystal!! Blessings on you!! I have been giving out your site to others who ask me how I am doing this, too.

  12. says

    I came up with a few things that were decent deals if anyone is interested, like: Werther’s Candy, Mr. Clean, L’Oreal Sublime Bronzer, Head & Shoulders, Pantene, etc.

  13. Summer says

    I think I got a really good deal worth posting at a Sacramento Walgreens tonight. I went in for the 4/$11 Dr. Pepper 12-packs with two $1 off 2 12 packs coupons, which brought it down to 4/$9 plus I got $3 RR. I added in there a bottle of Dawn which ended up being $0.75 after the ad coupon and the P&G coupon. So my grand total was $13-something after the CRVs for the sodas. Anyway, I got the $3 RR and then ANOTHER RR printed out for “Save $5.00 off your next shopping order over the value of the coupon” (I’ve never seen a RR worded that way) and it’s from Unilever. So…I’m wondering if you go and buy the Dawn solo for $0.75, will you get the $5 RR?? I think I’ll try it tomorrow.

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